Marketing survey application


To create an online application for the marketing firm helping in administration of survey for their clients, and generating survey report and data to support decision making


Subcontracting arrangment - END-client is a US-based Marketing & advertising professional


  • Requirement analysis and detailing
  • Database design
  • Devlopment and installation


  • Responsive design, targrted at mobile devices including iphone,ipad and safari web browser
  • Multiple surve within a single session
  • Dynamic questionnaire and page design
  • Graphical reporting of survey data using pie-charts and histogram
  • Cross-category reports


  • Devlopment of patnership with client, where client is managing the sales and ARNA is managing product devlopment.
  • 30+ clients have gone live in little over in year
  • On going off-shore production support for all clients.

Technologies Used

  • SQL server
  • Crystal report and dev-express control suite