9 Useful Chrome Extensions to Increase Your Productivity

Useful Chrome Extensions

Meta SEO Inspector – The Meta SEO Inspector Chrome Extension is a great tool for website owners to quickly identify and resolve SEO issues. It helps to quickly diagnose common SEO errors and provides detailed information about each page’s Meta tags. 

What we like –This allows users to quickly optimize their content and improve their website’s ranking in search engines. Additionally, the extension provides an easy-to-use interface that makes it easy to identify and fix potential SEO issues quickly.

Meta SEO Inspector

Hreflang tag Checker – Hreflang tags are HTML attributes that help search engines better understand the language and geographic targeting of a website. They are used to ensure that the correct version of a website is served to users in different countries and languages. Without Hreflang tags, search engines might display the wrong version of a website to a user, resulting in a poor user experience.

What we like –This extension is especially useful for multi-regional websites, as it allows you to quickly and easily ensure that the correct content is being served in each region.

Hreflang tag Checker

Keyword Surfer – The Keyword Surfer chrome extension is a free tool that allows users to quickly view the search volume and keyword difficulty for any given keyword.

The extension works by displaying a chart with two axes: Search Volume and Keyword Difficulty. The search volume indicates the number of searches for a given keyword, while the keyword difficulty indicates the amount of competition for that keyword. 

What we like – The higher the search volume and the lower the keyword difficulty, the more likely it is that the keyword will drive traffic to the website.

Keyword Surfer

SEO Minion – SEO Minion provides quick access to a range of features, such as keyword research, backlink checking, page speed testing, SERP analysis, and more. This extension can be used to quickly access a range of SEO tools, such as keyword research, backlink checking, page speed testing, SERP analysis, and more. 

What we like – It can also be used to quickly access a range of SEO reports and analytics, making it easy to track progress and monitor changes in real time.

SEO Minion

SEO Search Simulator – The SEO Search Simulator Chrome extension is the perfect tool for any webmaster or online marketer who wants to understand how search engine optimization (SEO) affects their website.

The extension works by simulating a search query on the Google or Bing search engine and then displaying the resulting SERPs. It also provides a detailed report on the search engine optimization techniques used on the website, such as keyword research, content optimization, and link building. This report can be used to further optimize the website for better search engine ranking.  

What we like – This extension allows user to compare their website’s SERPs to their competitors, which can help identify areas where improvements can be made. Additionally, the extensions can be used to preview how search engine algorithms will rank a website’s content, allowing users to make adjustments before they launch their website.

SEO Search Simulator

Glimpse – Glimpse is an innovative Chrome extension that helps you stay informed about the topics and events that matter most to you. With Glimpse, you can easily monitor the news, follow any online discussion, or even join conversations with real-time notifications.

What we like – Glimpse’s intelligent search engine works by tracking the topics you care about, as well as the people who are talking about them. You can quickly and easily see what’s new in the news, in the blogosphere, and on social media.


Similarweb – The Similarweb Chrome Extension is an easy way to gain valuable insights into any website you visit. This extension provides a quick and simple way to view the ranking and traffic data of any website you visit. It also provides additional features such as the ability to compare websites and track your own website’s performance.

It also shows a comparison of the website’s performance against the competition. The extension also allows you to track the performance of your website and receive notifications about changes. 

What we like – This extension also provides several other useful features such as the ability to filter websites by country, category, and language. It also includes keyword suggestions that can help you develop your SEO strategy. 


Gmass – This extension help users simplify the process of sending mass emails. It allows users to quickly and easily create and manage campaigns with its intuitive drag-and-drop interface and powerful automation tools. With Gmass, users can easily create personalized emails, track email open and click rates, and schedule emails for delivery. They can also use Gmass to create dynamic lists of contacts and segment them for targeted messages. 

What we like – Gmass also offers integration with a variety of popular email services, including Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, and Apple Mail. This extension is a great way for users to save time and money by automating their email campaigns.


Data Scraper – Data Scraper is a free Google Chrome extension that helps web users quickly extract data from web pages. This simple, yet powerful tool enables users to easily select and extract data from any website. It is ideal for web scraping tasks such as collecting contact information, extracting product pricing, gathering news headlines, and more.  

The Data Scraper Chrome extension makes web scraping easy. It automatically identifies and extracts data from web pages. Users simply need to select the data they want to extract by highlighting it with the mouse. Data Scraper then automatically formats the selected data into a convenient table and saves it in a .csv file. 

This makes it simple to analyze data from multiple sources quickly and accurately.  

What we like – It also includes advanced features such as data cleansing, data filtering, and data merging, which make it even easier to manipulate and analyze data. With these features, users can easily clean up and standardize data from different sources and combine data from multiple tables into one table.

Data Scraper

Here we mentioned a few Google Chrome extensions to make your SEO work easy. Try these amazing SEO extensions and see how they can help you in your website ranking.


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