Trade Capture System & Deal interface



Build a trade interface to get trades from ICE Exchange, enrich the trades and Send to CTRM Software. Interface should work real time with capability to reconcile and push the missing trades. Additionally system had requirements to capture the internal deals and then send over to the primary CTRM software. Commodities in scope are Gas, Power and FX.

Proposed Solution

Solution design is split in following components


Interface with ICE/CTRM systems

Interface is based on Azure bus based Architecture, when there is any message received from ICE Exchange, an Azure Service gets called which reads the message in a FIX format and sends it to Azure Bus. Azure Bus triggered Function then calls the API which parses the data and saves it to Azure SQL database. Interface to CTRM systems is also developed using Azure Bus, Azure functions and Rest API.

Web Application for deal enrichment and trade capture

Deal Enrichment and Trade capture platform is a Web based application hosted on Azure cloud, it follows the micro service architecture and uses SignalR to show real time updates on trades and listings to the Users. Application supports multiple roles and allows users to configure the trade listing views and trade capture views.

Commodities in scope




Configurable UI

Live Trade Updates

FIX Message Viewer

Trade Reconciliation with ICE

Service monitoring Dashboard

Technology Stack




Angular 12



Azure Services

Azure Functions

Azure Database

Azure AD

Key Vault

Application Insights

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