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Data Collection Application

We aim to create a mobile data collection app compatible with iOS and Android, designed to work offline. This app is used to streamline the process of serving out various forms for surveys, licenses, and permits. Also, it is a web-based solution for easy form construction and report generation using the collected data.

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Client Requirements

Our project entails the creation of a sophisticated mobile data-gathering application, which should be compatible with both iOS and Android platforms and capable of operating seamlessly in offline mode. The primary objective is to develop a versatile solution that simplifies the process of completing surveys, licenses and permits digitally.

Additionally, the client has requested the development of a user-friendly web-based platform that enables the rapid and intuitive construction of customizable forms. This platform should also facilitate the seamless generation of comprehensive reports using the data collected through the mobile application. The client emphasizes the importance of accuracy and productivity, with a focus on serving a wide range of industries.


The client requires a comprehensive Training and Data Collection Platform to address the challenge of expanding the outreach of social schemes to field workers in remote rural areas. The key requirements are as follows:

Ensuring seamless and secure data collection on iOS and Android devices, even in offline mode.

Implementing the capability to construct conditional forms.

Designing forms with multiple pages.

Enabling offline file uploads is a challenge in managing file submissions without internet connectivity.

Developing a web-based administrative interface for on-the-fly form creation.

Overcoming complexities in report generation due to the dynamic nature of the forms.

Proposed Solution

Our comprehensive solution brings together cutting-edge technologies and strategic implementation to address the project's core objectives. It incorporates the following key components -

JavaScript SDK

Utilize a JavaScript Software Development Kit (SDK) to enable the creation of dynamic forms for both web and mobile applications.

java Integration

Consider the JavaScript SDK, an open-source option, to facilitate form creation and management.

Form Customization

Allow for independent installation and white-labeling of, enabling user-friendly form design through a drag-and-drop interface.

form customization

Web Application

Employ a microservices architecture developed using C# .Net and Angular for the web application.

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Web Integration

Seamlessly integrate into the web application to enable form creation, publication, and dynamic development.

web integration

Mobile Application

Utilize React Native for mobile app development and integrate to render web forms within the mobile app.

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Data Storage

Implement a SQLite database to store form JSON and collected data, ensuring data integrity and synchronization with the server.

Data storage

Key Highlights

To meet the client's requirements, the project faces several challenges:

Efficient Data Collection

Incorporate for streamlined data collection, including offline functionality in mobile apps.

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Web Integration

Seamlessly connect with to enable form publication and dynamic form development on the web.

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Preview Feature

Offer a feature allowing users to preview form JSON and assess mobile compatibility before publishing.

User-Friendly Interface

Develop a user-friendly interface for form creation, catering to non-technical users.

Report Generation

Provide a solution for generating reports from the collected data gathered through dynamic forms

Conditional Form Support

Enable the design of conditional forms with multiple pages for enhanced flexibility.

Use Cases

TB Facility Survey

Implement the solution for an application surveying tuberculosis (TB) facilities in hospitals, ensuring appropriate facilities for TB patients. Automate reminders to hospitals based on survey data.

Licensing and Permitting

Integrate the solution into a US-based company's operations to streamline the licensing and permitting process, eliminating paper-based procedures. Offer form-building and reporting capabilities on the web, and form-filling capabilities on mobile apps in both online and offline modes.


The platform is powered by C# and .NET for the website backend, with dedicated IOS and Android applications to provide a seamless experience for users across different devices and platforms.

JavaScript SDK

For dynamic form creation.

As an open-source option for form management.

C#, .Net and Angular

For web application development.

React Native

For mobile app development.

SQLite Database

secure storage and synchronization of form data.

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