E-Learning Solution



Our client demanded an online learning platform, to break the boundaries of traditional learning time and region.

The tutors are mostly from overseas, and some of them are more employed or graduated from top universities.

Proposed Solution

We developed an E-Learning Solution using full stack technologies. It is not complicated for students to use this 24-hour online learning platform. First select the subjects you need to study, and find the right tutor. Afterwards, you can use real-time online video teaching to interact with overseas or local mentors for academic exchanges. Students can also ask questions in real time and master their learning points at their own pace. The subjects offered are quite diverse, including English, accounting, mathematics, calculus, economics, etc., and subjects for public examinations (such as ACT, SAT, HKDSE, etc.). Learning is no longer limited by time and region


Cost effective Fee

Tutors on this platform have different fees. Generally, it is more than HK $ 200 per hour, and there is an opportunity for individual tutors from overseas to build their profile on this platform .

Find a Tutor

The platform provides the personal resume of the tutor, which details its education, teaching experience, teaching expertise, self-introduction video, etc. The platform also welcomes students to leave comments on the tutor's teaching services for reference. Tutors from Harvard University and Stanford University.

Online Videos

The application is a perfect for materials provided in the form of videos that makes learning faster and easy.

Technology Stack

New solution would be based on the Microsoft technologies, which would provide seamless integration and use of latest tools and technologies for development.

New solution is based on using full stack

Technologies – ASP.NET, PHP, SQL, PayPal integration

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