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Expand the outreach of social schemes to Field workers in remote rural areas and provide them a medium to train on the new schemes and assist them with the field survey while on the go. System should have the capability to generate the multilingual content for training and field survey, along with capability to track the progress and collect engagement information for further Data analysis and reporting.


Given the application will be used in Remote rural areas on low end mobile devices while in field, Application had to be efficient and low on bandwidth requirements to be able to work efficiently and also have offline capabilities to be able to work while being out of network.

System should provide capability to create training and engagement content which is mobile first and multilingual, content can be Text, Image, Audio or video. Admin required the mobile preview feature along with content creation.

Proposed Solution

We proposed to develop this as a SAAS based application hosted on AWS cloud, solution is split into

Web Admin console for content creation, reporting and administrative setup

Web application is created using C# - .Net & Angular and follows the micro service architecture. Application supports multiple roles (System and Tenant Specific), Administrative users setup the Modules and define the location they are available along with languages. Content included Learning slides, Tests to evaluate field worker and the engagement forms. Engagement data forms are generated from the web application and are filled by the workers when they engage with people and tell them about the policies or products. There are multiple dashboards in Web Applications for Data Analysis like Engagement Data analysis and Learning Data analysis.

Mobile App for Field Workers & Supervisors

Mobile Application is currently developed as Native Android with Java, it supports Offline data storage. Field workers get notification about the new modules published and available in their location. They can review the module, accept the module, start the learning and take tests to qualify for field engagement. There are no restrictions on the number of attempts, once users pass the test, they can easily engage people and fill in their information via mobile application. The more people they engage, the more reward points are earned by them. These reward points can be later converted into cash. Mobile Application also uses GPS which takes location data before opening the engagement form and also posts a selfie of the user with the person.


Content Creation

Content Creation allows the admin to create modules which are published to aware the social workers about the scheme learn about it and then engage people about the product or module.

Training Scheduler

Training Scheduler allows the admin to create a session that takes date and time as input and meeting link. When this is created, the session link with the credentials is sent as a notification to mobile application users.

Social Media Feeds

Social Media Feeds – Admin can setup a campaign, field workers can create posts and once approved these are visible on both mobile & web applications. Likes and views on the posts are captured and available as reports/dashboard

podcast and post

Admin can create a podcast and post short videos or audio content. Views and other statistics are captured and available as reports/dashboard.

Discussion Forum

Discussion Forum is created from the web application for discussion among mobile application users related to any known issue, so it can be resolved by reading the issue

Technology Stack



NET_Core_Logo.svg-q25dkh8akn9wu6c0g0vt1txdvvr4u86ovyihjdv7ek copy

.NET Core









Android Native

SQL Lite


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