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What is a Social Community Traveller Application?

A traveller community application is a digital platform designed to connect individuals who share a passion for travel. It serves as a hub for like-minded travellers to interact, plan trips, explore destinations, and share their travel experiences.

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Client Requirements

Building a Traveler Community

Creating a platform where travelers can connect with others who share their interests, facilitating interactions and networking.

Trip Planning and Matching

Enabling travelers to discover and connect with fellow travelers heading to the same destination at the same time.

Comprehensive Travel Network

Providing a complete travel network experience that caters to both small travel agencies and large international players in the tourism and hospitality sector.

Reward Points System

Implementing a rewards program that encourages user engagement and offers redeemable points for various in-app activities.

Vehicle Booking

Providing a feature for users to book vehicles based on their travel plans.

Tourist Guides

Offering a list of available guides to enhance the travel experience.

Social Sharing

Allowing users to post travel updates, and photos, and engage with other travelers through a social feed.

Business Model Customization

Offering customizable travel app design and development services to cater to various business models within the travel industry

Proposed Solution

Arna Softech proposed a comprehensive solution to meet the client's requirements

Multi-Platform Development

We developed the application for the web, IOS, and Android, ensuring accessibility across different devices.

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Community Building

Users can tailor their app experience to build communities based on their travel interests.

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Reward System

The application incorporates a rewards program, allowing users to earn status badges and redeem points for various travel-related benefits.

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Connecting Travelers

The app enables users to discover and connect with like-minded travellers nearby, facilitating meetups and trip matching.

Sharing Experiences

A social feed allows users to post travel updates, photos, and engage with other travellers within the global community.

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Travel Services

Additional services include vehicle booking and access to tourist guides, making travel planning more convenient and enjoyable.

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Versatile Business Models

The application's flexibility caters to a range of businesses, from small travel agencies to international players in the tourism and hospitality sector.

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The Complete Travel Network Experience

Whether you are a small travel agency or a big international player in the tourism and hospitality sector, you can avail of our advanced travel app development solutions easily. We offer highly functional and easy-to-use travel app design and development services that are customized for different business models. The highly effective travel app will help your customers in a range of activities resulting in repeat visits.


The platform is powered by C# and .NET for the website backend, with dedicated IOS and Android applications to provide a seamless experience for users across different devices and platforms.









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