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Our 8-year experience in the field of enterprise software development, API integration, modernizing legacy systems, and consolidating app portfolios makes us the perfect partner to help large organizations become successful in the international market. We specialize in re-engineering solutions of varying complexity.
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Securely build, modernize, and manage cloud-based applications

Offered Services

Arna Softech facilitates business transformation by modernizing legacy IT systems through the adoption of cloud, DevOps, and cutting-edge technologies as part of their app modernization services.

Offered IT service's
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  • .NET Framework Application Development.
  • Development of .NET-based Software Products.
  • Legacy Application Migration (such as classic ASP) to Advanced Technologies like MVC and Angular.
  • Evaluating Infrastructure Needs.
  • Upgrading Servers and Storage Systems.
  • Relocating Data Centre Operations.
  • Moving and Maintaining Virtual Machines.
  • Managing Hybrid Infrastructure Solutions.
  • Ensuring Data Backup and Disaster Recovery.
  • Assessing Microsoft’s Power Platform.
  • Finding Opportunities for Business Improvement.
  • Inducting a Center of Excellence for the Power Platform.
  • Setting Up Governance for the Power Platform.
  • Assessing the Portfolio of Applications.
  • Designing and Developing Modern Applications.
  • Creating Cloud-Native Applications.
  • Containerizing Applications for Optimal Deployment.
  • Implementing DevOps, CloudOps, and Azure Automation.
  • Revamping User Interface and User Experience.
  • Creating Modern Websites using CMS such as Sitecore, WordPress, and Drupal.
  • Building E-Commerce Sites for Customers Across Multiple Channels.
  • Customizing Customer Experience with Analytics.
  • Developing Digital Marketing Strategies and Campaigns.
  • Developing a Comprehensive Framework for Web Analytics

Our Approach To Application Modernization

We assist our clients in navigating through the process by first gaining an understanding of their existing application landscape and then devising a long-term strategy that aligns with their business goals. Here’s an overview of our typical modernization process:

Assessment & Evaluation

We gather and analyze the application catalog to create a portfolio, and then conduct a modernization assessment to evaluate each application's suitability
based on criteria such as structure, operations, data services, performance, and security risks.


Using a scoring system based on 11 specific criteria, we determine the migration strategy across the 5 R's - Rehost, Revise, Refactor, Rebuild, and Replace. This results in a modernization plan for each application, including future architecture and implementation sequencing.


We use an Agile estimation model to determine the required resources and duration and to identify the appropriate team mix. Each team or unit is aligned with an application based on factors such as resourcing, priority, technical debt, and mission criticality.


Applications are modernized according to the plan, with guiding principles that include frequent small-batch delivery, measurable goals or metrics, and a deployment pipeline.

Maintenance & Evolution

After the implementation phase, we continue to operate and maintain or transition and conduct knowledge transfer (and training, if required). We also conduct ongoing portfolio analysis to ensure continuous modernization and innovation.

Assistance provided throughout the six R's of application migration

Enterprises are driven by the constantly evolving market economy and seek low-risk migration and application modernization services to maintain business continuity and deliver business value. Arna Softech specializes in migration, consolidation, and integration into Microsoft Azure, providing intelligent automation, frameworks, and global delivery capabilities to make your legacy systems more agile and efficient. Our focus is on defining the right modernization strategy that aligns with your business goals.

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