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Social Community Application

A Traveler Application is your passport to a vibrant travel community. Created for the web, iOS, and Android, it's a hub for connecting with fellow travelers, planning trips, and sharing experiences. Our solution offers customizable community building, trip matching, a social feed, rewards, and travel services, accommodating businesses of all sizes in the travel industry. Powered by C# and .NET, with dedicated iOS and Android apps for a seamless cross-device experience. Your next adventure awaits!


Financial Reporting Solution

Introducing an advanced Financial Reporting Solution for a multinational pharmaceutical company. This system streamlines financial and sales data management, reduces errors, and speeds up reporting. The client's challenge lies in a time-consuming, error-prone process using Excel spreadsheets. They needed a solution to improve monthly financial and sales reporting, consolidation, and profit elimination. Our proposal includes a web-based platform, Microsoft Power BI dashboards, and a central Data Warehouse.


E-Learning Solution

Explore E-Learning Solution, an online tutoring platform that empowers students of all levels. Expert tutors, including graduates from renowned universities, offer engaging courses that promote effective learning and skill mastery. This web app breaks down the barriers of traditional learning, allowing students to connect with tutors in real time and access a diverse range of subjects, from mathematics to exam preparation. With user-friendly tools, cost-effective fees, and secure payment processing, learning becomes flexible and accessible.


Data Collection App

Introducing our versatile Training and Data Collection Platform, built to empower diverse industries. This app extends awareness programs, supports social schemes in remote rural areas, keeps mobile industry staff informed, and enables field workers to access materials and conduct surveys on the go, all while supporting multilingual content. We tackled the challenge of limited connectivity and low-end devices by offering a SAAS-based solution hosted on AWS, with a web admin console for easy content creation. Our native Android app comes with features like offline training, social media feeds, podcasts, and discussion forums.


Trade Capture System

In the realm of trading, efficiency and real-time accuracy are paramount. Our case study delves into the development of a Trade Capture System and Deal Interface, catering to our client's unique requirements. This solution seamlessly integrates with the ICE Exchange, facilitating real-time data processing and smooth interaction with Commodity Trading and Risk Management (CTRM) software. Designed for a prominent commodities player, our system ensures reliable data integration, robust error handling, and internal deal capture.

Training & Data Collection

Training & Data Collection Platform is a versatile tool created to expand awareness programs and empower field workers across various industries. It facilitates the extension of social schemes to rural areas, keeps mobile industry staff updated, empowers healthcare providers with surveys, and offers training materials on the go. With multilingual support, it accommodates training and field surveys in multiple languages, serving a wide range of industries. To meet the challenge of reaching remote rural areas with limited connectivity, the platform provides both online and offline capabilities.

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