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Training & Data Collection Platform

App is designed to expand awareness programs and information to the people. It allows for extending social schemes to rural areas, keeping mobile industry staff updated, empowering healthcare providers with surveys, facilitating training for diverse industries, and enabling field workers to access training materials and conduct surveys on the go. With multilingual content generation capabilities, the system facilitates training and field surveys in multiple languages. Multiple industries are using this app for different purposes.

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Client Requirements

The client requires a comprehensive Training and Data Collection Platform to address the challenge of expanding the outreach of social schemes to field workers in remote rural areas. The key requirements are as follows:

Remote Area Accessibility

The application must function efficiently in remote rural areas where network connectivity is limited and on low-end mobile devices.

Training and Field Survey

Provide field workers with a medium to receive training on new schemes and assist them with conducting field surveys. This includes both online and offline capabilities.

Multilingual Content

The system should support the creation of training and engagement content in multiple languages, including text, images, audio, and video.

Progress Tracking

Ability to track the progress of field workers' training and data collection activities, including engagement information for further data analysis and reporting.

Content Creation

Admins should be able to create content easily, including learning modules, tests, engagement forms, podcasts, and social media posts. A mobile preview feature is required.


To meet the client's requirements, the project faces several challenges:

low end mobile

Low-End Mobile Devices

Designing the application to run efficiently on low-end mobile devices.

Offline Capability

Providing offline functionality to ensure the application works even without network connectivity.


Multimedia Support

Supporting various content types (text, images, audio, and video) in multiple languages.

data collection

Data Collection

Collecting engagement data in remote areas and ensuring its secure storage.

Proposed Solution

SAAS-Based Application on AWS Cloud

aws cloud

Web Admin Console

Mobile App for Field Workers & Supervisors


Empower Field Workers with a Training & Data Collection Platform

We designed this app to expand the outreach of social schemes to Field workers. It generates multilingual content for training with all the track reports.

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