When it comes to developing enterprise-class technologies, no one does it as gracefully as Microsoft. .NET Core is one such general-purpose framework used across the world to build applications for Windows, Linux, and macOS.
Compared to other software frameworks, .NET Core is much more versatile and meticulous, used to build every kind of software including mobile, desktop, web, cloud, IoT, machine learning, microservices, game, etc. .NET Core has several architectural changes that result in a much leaner modular, lightweight, fast, and cross-platform Framework.


Now the question is – what is so special about ASP.NET Core development? Here is a quick rundown of why the ASP.NET Core framework is accounted for as one of the best frameworks for building highly scalable and modern web applications.

High Performance

Performance is one of the key factors the developers consider for successful development. With the use of ASP.NET Core, you can be assured of excellent performance, flexibility, and scalability that aid in writing easy-to-maintain, reusable, and efficient programming codes. This is possible due to the opportunity to leverage tool optimization and core libraries.
During code compilation, the .NET framework facilitates automatic code optimization which helps in improving the performance of the codes. The .NET Core framework uses the Kestrel web server, making it one of the fastest and most robust web frameworks today.


Security is one of the most important issues to consider when moving from traditional program development, Microsoft .NET Framework provides a rich security system. Managed code has Evidence objects associated with it, which describe where the code is loaded from, who published it, and so on. Evidence is used to determine which permissions are appropriate. Security on code, CAS (code access security) protects the .NET framework from unauthorized access to its resources every time a third-party code tries to gain access. It also provides a developer-defined security model called role-based security

C# Among The Most Popular Programming Languages

C# is one of the most powerful, productive, and popular languages in the industry, it is a high-level object-oriented language, type-safe and scalable which has a huge library to provide much more high-level functionality than other languages. C# is renowned for requiring less coding than others. Its core concept helps in building an interactive environment and provides functionalities that the dynamic web platform requires. C# is widely used in game development its key features such as Automatic Garbage Collection, interfaces, object-oriented, etc. make it a popular gaming app development language.

Cross-Platform Support

.NET Core is amongst the most versatile application development frameworks. Due to its cross-platform support, it will allow you to target any platform-based application type. It can be used to develop Windows, Linux, and macOS software. It can run apps on hardware, in the cloud, and over the IoT. One can develop and run a production-ready .NET Core app on Linux or a Mac. If you decide to use Linux, you do not have to pay for Windows licenses, this results in significant cost savings.

Flexible Deployment

One can set up.NET Core user-wide or machine-wide, or side-by-side as well as can integrate it into his application. It can host the ASP.NET Core applications, enabling them to utilize the Linux-based Docker containers that are currently used with it. It is feasible to incorporate .NET Core in your application, it can also be set up user-wide, machine-wide, and side-by-side. One can use it with Docker containers typically running Linux at present, and it can host .NET Core apps, enabling them to use the benefits provided by microservices and containers.

Open Source

.NET core is open source, including class libraries, runtime, compilers, languages, ASP.NET core web framework, Windows desktop frameworks, and Entity Framework Core data access library. Because it is open-source, .NET uses the MIT and Apache 2 licenses. It is owned by the independent nonprofit.NET Foundation, which supports the open-source-friendly, innovative, and commercial.NET ecosystem. There has been rapid growth in the .NET community, and it can boast of having quite a few libraries and community projects obtainable for free. Aside from Microsoft and the community, the .NET platform’s future is directed by the Technical Steering Group members such as Google, Red Hat, JetBrains, Unity, and Samsung.

Ideal For Use in Containers

One of the design decisions of .NET Core was to make it modular and lightweight. It means that your .NET Core application can be “published” in a way where it and all of its dependencies are in one place, which is easy to put into a container.

Suitable For Microservices

ASP.NET Core helps developers to create and integrate Microservices easily and much more efficiently. It supports creating applications with Docker support. While creating .NET Core WebAPI you can enable docker support. It provides tools such as Docker compose for packaging an application. Microservices developed by using .NET Core can run on different platforms such as Windows and Linux.

.NET Core-Based Open-Source Application Projects – Examples

  • nopCommerce
  • OrchardCore
  • SimplCommerce
  • Miniblog.Core
  • squidex
  • piranha.core
  • GrandNode
Finishing up

You should consider every reason that could add value to your business, like flexibility and cost reduction, performance, infrastructure, and all the benefits that come from them. You will want something really fast and cross-platform, that is stable and mature, have open-source advantages, and can easily be integrated with other libraries, databases, and modern tooling.
You can benefit from all the advantages above and develop a large variety of applications for different domains by choosing .NET Core while reusing your existing resources and the developers’ technical expertise and passion.

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